A concerned Nigerian writes 2 Baba a Letter

Open Letter to Innocent Ujah Idibia (Aka 2 Baba) Dear Innocent, I have been following your music since 2004 when you made your major breakthrough into the music industry, and I must tell you that you and a few others made Nigerians start falling in Love with the Nigerian music. This have in turn transformed into what brought the industry to the lime light internationally. For that, I appreciate you greatly. That point made, I would tell you that I am really disappointed in all of you in the Nigerian music industry ESPECIALLY you. I would not know if my disappointment is justified, but I think YES I have the right to be disappointed if not for anything my penny no matter how small it is has added to moving the industry to where it is today. In your album Grass to Grace released sometime in 2006 we were happy you touched some happenings in the Nigerian political sphere when we heard the song “E be like say”. The music made a whole lot of sense considering the fact that it was during the build up to the 2007 election. A line there was “E be like me and you we dey need each other all the time”. Yes, I think this letter is necessary to get to you because we really do ‘need each other all the time’.
What has really happened between then and now? Is it that you have grown wealthier and seems not touched by the hardships? Or have you been settled to keep mute? Let me remind you some facts. The Naira to Dollar exchange rate in 2006 was between 127.39 and 129.93 NGN against the current soaring 364 NGN today. Fuel pump price in 2006 was 65 NGN and today, it is an all time high of 185 NGN. That represents close to 300% increase (how did we get here). In your state (Benue) it was a blood bath few weeks ago. I was expecting to hear something from you, but LOOK great silence befell the surface of the earth. Sometime in the early weeks of 2017 you started organizing a protest slated for the 6th of February and all of a sudden, on 5th you backed down (I wonder what really happened there). As you can see above, I expected better from you but came out disappointed. What happened to your beautiful voice? Why can't you at least console your fans? Why can't you speak up? Why have you decided to look the other way? Am I still seeing the real 2 face Idibia, or have he faded away in the change of name to 2 Baba? I have too many questions that I don't know how to document. But I know you can guess some. I am hoping you do think about it as I hope to hear something nice from you again as always. Your friend, Uzziah Moses