5 new songs you need to hear this week Rock

Pulse staff picks the top five all new songs and latest new music ROCK releases across genres in Nigeria that you need to hear this week oo.

Away from the bright lights of pop stars, there is  a healthy those of music ROCK  coming out of Nigeria top. Every week, Entsuit brings you the other side of the culture that you can barely see. We are  scratching for the underbelly of Nigerian creativity for this one we they rock..

1, 3rty, Kid Marley - Ogunfe

As usual the singer and rapper duo approach the song from two distinct perspectives. 3rty expresses his his positivity for a great year while touching on the controversial subject of ladies turning down prospective spouses and yet complaining that they can't find any suitable suitors. Kid Marley approaches to the song.

2. M.A.K - Aso Rock Status
Aso Rock Status is a body of work filled with covers of popular radio hits of 2017 performed remixed and mastered by M.A.K at the Epic Heights Recordings Studio.

3. Kay-X - Like that

Kicking off 2018 with a different, more subtle vibe is Kay X with his new single titled 'Like that'. This smooth mid-tempo afropop jam is guaranteed to have hips swinging. Listen for yourself.

4. Dunnie - Wahala
Dunnie starts off the year with this great afro-fusion song telling stories about the everyday struggle of an average Lagosian. ‘Wahala' tells a story about the challenges faced with boarding a commercial bus (Danfo/Molue) and buying items from roadside sellers. These are situations every Nigerian is confronted with on a daily basis (except your father is Dangote).